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The Fashion Internship

I went from sweating out javascript to merchandising racks of frocks. It’s been quite a summer.

I got fired from my retail job at the end of May (just before finally coming off of probation and becoming a union member, so… it was either a major loss or just dodging a bullet). Luckily I had taken that Visual Merchandising class at F.I.T, so I decided to just start looking for those types of jobs instead of immediately settling for another no win position. I would go on Indeed every day, and send out resumes. The first thing I got was an internship at a fashion showroom.

Good place to start.

The first week was super sweaty and I kept forgetting that where the bathroom was (practically right in front of me ) and kept going to the bathroom at Port Authority at lunch. No, I can’t explain why I’m like this. My duties included updating excel sheets of sales leads, separating excel sheets by sales person and territory, and cold calling/emailing businesses in the territories to set up road visits or showroom appointments. I picked up lunches, steamed clothing and dropped off packages. I merchandised racks (from lightest to darkest. Try this in your closet, it looks so organized). I learned how to do social media cross referential searches for new clients. I found out about Joor, a site that helps you make linesheets for merchandise.

While I was technically working for free, interns got a $15 daily lunch budget, and I finally gave Sweetgreen a try. And Dig Inn. And my job was near legendary discount store Jack’s where they are selling Epic provisions for dirt cheap. And when I got home I started just making salads, like this easy steak salad (sear the steak while putting your greens and veggies in a cute bowl, make a vinaigrette, assemble).

Once I had to work with another intern to clear out a storage closet. We sorted through boxes of leftover merch from past clients, sorted through mannequin parts, re-merchandised racks of backstocked garments, organized shelves and closets, and took a field trip to the Goodwill in Tribeca to donate clothing and the suitcases that we brought them there in. This is how I ended up going to Milk Bar. Those were the two sweatiest, most miserable days of my summer… but there were benefits from it; my boss gave us a ton of free stuff.

I got this sweet little Erin Dana Prince Street minaudiere ($80), and these awesome Riuvadets sandals from Spain, that are sold at Opening Ceremony for $105. Yay! Because I love presents.

I made sure to dress up a little, and worked in my own upcycled items into my wardrobe. LOVE this Old Navy jersey jumpsuit with attached belt ($45). It’s a lifesaver on mornings when you spent too much time adjusting your wig and makeup.

The internship was supposed to last three months, but I stayed a month.I learned a lot and I also put on 5 pounds from sitting so much. I ended up getting a job, and also a visual merchandising job offer. I would have stayed longer, but they got a little Devil Wears Prada on me and I was getting annoyed. I would still recommend doing an internship, because it helps prepare you for the career you want and it helps give you fresh experience and new references if you’re trying to change career titles.

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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2015 New Years’s resolution 2- getting that weight under control

So, lots of people are going on diets this week- some just because they ate an extra slice of ham last month. I, personally, have been packing it on since about June of last year so I’m overdue for a diet and exercise cure.

2009 to 2014

In 2009, I had a decent body. I didn’t think it was anything special, and to be honest I thought I had big thighs. 2012? Still doing ok. I was doing the gym thing then, trying to keep it toned up. I was running around a lot and that helped. Get to December 2014 and all hell has broken loose. I started a baking business in June, so tasting put some weight on. I finally had an apartment to myself so I could cook and eat to my heart’s content- and I wanted to eat A LOT. assesshedamage1

On Tuesday, a nice snowy day of course, I decided to have a photo shoot to remind me of what I looked like and make a decision to do something about it. I got up and threw on my Little Empire King tshirt from Street People Atelier ($38), a pair of Artistic Revolution in Time boyshorts ($12) and my Charlie boyfriend cut jeans from Dittos ($79). It was chilly in my apartment, so I grabbed my fave socks from Jacks 99 World.

I love when it snows, it makes everything so pretty.

photo by Chase Southard

photo by Chase Southard

I got that guy to come over and shoot some photos, because nobody’s better at recording your flaws like an ex. I figured the best thing to do was to start by measuring my bigger parts. My thighs measure 23.5 inches- the size of some people’ waists. I’m only 5’4″ so that doesn’t work.

It also explains why I can’t get my leg into jeans that used to hang loose on me.

For the first time in my life, I am noticing cellulite and that has to go (or at least be minimized). I had gotten some Lipo Lotion from Measurable Difference ($69.99) and I have been using it since Monday night. You spread lotion on your skin, then massage it in with the vibrating massage head. Move the massager in circular movements for about 3 minutes, then rub in the rest of the lotion. I saw something happening on Wednseday, so I’m going to keep going.

BTW? That sleek red nail polish is Feeling Sexy from Probelle ($6). Because when everything falls apart, pretty nails can save your life.

assesshedamage3I’m also starting to cut down on my meals. I used to eat little meals all day and move around. Now I eat big meals and go to sleep, plus nibbling treat samples all the time. I’m trying to remember that feeling a little hungry isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Breakfast has been greek yogurt with cutup strawberries and a little honey, an example of lunch was some cut-up tomatoes and scallions in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I made some jerk chicken breast, with black beans and rice. I think my portion was too big, but I’m working on it. I need to remember to add salads every so often as well.

One step at a time, so I’ll be adding exercise to my life as well. One step at a time.

Next up: New Year’s resolution 3- work the hair

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian