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In September 2009, way back in the windy city of Chicago, I started my own magazine. I had already had a self-published zine called T.M.O. but I wanted to switch to an online platform. I also wanted to create a place where I could showcase my photos and writing.

Little did I know… Editing a magazine was hard work, but I loved it. I was able to assign stories to writers, finagle interviews, solicit submissions from around the world, and generally make something out of nothing. I got to feature people like GirlTalk, Lady Starlight, Matthew Jordan Smith, Warhol photo superstar Chris Makos and a slew of others. I got to use the photo editing and graphic design skills that I learned in college.

And now? I get to show it off… here is theMAGAZINE(ok)- all one year of it:

September 2009


featuring: Erin Hammond, B.A.D.C teamWork: Nicole Schimel theNext: Anna Hovet modelBehavior: Jen Buhrow, Jordan Lopez, Hope Livonne bigPicture: GZ Photo, Faith Bowman, Kade Madina

October 2009

featuring: Girl Talk, Vintage Chicago ( Avant Gaudy/Silver Moon/Vintage Underground) teamWork: The Makeup Man aka Anthony Gordon theNext: Peggy Skemp modelBehavior: Lyric Lincoln mainEvent: Ryan Kwanten/True Blood Fashion Show @ Enclave bigPicture: Mike Nguyen, Bernard Roucourt, Thommy Panic!, Anthony Gordon editorial submission

November 2009

featuring: Skin.Graft, Lady Starlight, Tia Gugliotta, The Dress Doctor/Giselle Ghofrani. teamWork: Rosalee Eichstedt theNext: Lauren Gill modelBehavior: Danielle Maddox mainEvent: Gen Art Fresh Faces 2009 bigPicture: Simon Gerzina, Hit Factory, Terrence Taylor, Faith Bowman

December 2009

featuring Light Asylum, mosaic artist Arlene Piarulli, designer Devani Weaver (you’ve seen her on NYLON’s blog and Regretsy), model/blogger Destiny Love Jones, Frei Designs, NYC jewelry designer Barbara Campbell, and design team Imaginary People. teamWork: The Hit Factory theNext: Juliette Buford modelBehavior: Leah Stieber mainEvent: FPS fest@Root Brooklyn, Profoto 8air demo@Industria Superstudio bigPicture: Lynnette Astaire, Faith Bowman, Petra Ford, Bernard Roucourt

January 2010 (The Travel Issue)

creativeOutlet: Las Pozas, Mexico modelBehavior: Sunny Moon/JK Models mainEvent: Christmas in NY, New Lost City NYE party @ 3rd Ward theTalk: AJ English, Rooney bigPicture: Peter Lytwyniuk/Studiolit, Faith Bowman, Terrence Taylor

March/April 2010 (aka the Spring Issue)

creative outlet: Jeurgen Teller, Christian Joy, Katie Gallagher, Alex & Chloe model behavior: Heidi Gaudet main event: New York Fashion Week 2010 the talk: Anouck Bertin, Candela NYC, Lainie Dalby, the Vessel. by lois big picture: Magic by Samoamax

August 2010

Creative Outlet: Prince Peter, Pinar Eris, Chelsea Sutrisno Teamwork: Deborah Altizio Model Behavior: Julie Ordon Main Event: ZDX car launch at the Chelsea Art Museum, Easter, Collective Dreams Silent Auction, 3rd Ward Pig Out BBQ, Vice Photography Show, Light Asylum at the Cameo Gallery The Talk: SUNO, Garde Robe The Big Picture: Pride by Angela Grossi, She Got Game by Jena Cumbo, Testcase by Anna Thiessen

September 2010 (First Anniversary Issue)

Creative Outlet: Chris Makos, Astrid Brucker, Jack Blue Studio, Aris Ziagos. Teamwork: Amoy Pitters Main Event: Bill Diodato’s c/o ward 81 book release party (interview), Sonic Youth in Prospect Park, Spur Tree tasting event, Blay Report’s Blogworthy Awards The Talk: Matthew Jordan Smith, Lauren Ezersky, Rebecca Blake. The Big Picture: Anna Thiessen, Meagan Cignoli

October 2010 (Fashion Week Heaven Issue)

creativeOutlet: Fashion week Invitations modelBEHAVIOR: Kelly Harry, Josefine Nielsen theNEXT: IVANAhelsinki siteVISIT: Chictopia 10,Japan Fashion Now at the Museum at FIT themainEVENT: NYFW, openings and parties theTALK: CRUSH Fanzine, Tomik Dash, Karina Hill, Stella Burchard, Clayton Patterson thebigPICTURE: NYFW coverage

November 2010

creative outlet: Jared Michael Lowe/lowefactor, Sztuka Fabryka, Sunghee Bang teamwork: Simply Stylist model behavior: Nicki Donohoe main event: Picture Me screening, Etes d’Amour at Le Bain, Christopher Lee Sauve at Carnival the talk: Sandee Shin/Armor Jewelry, David Bias/Impossible Project the big picture: Anna Thiessen, Craig Fleming, Bernard Roucourt

December 2010

creative Outlet: Gerda Postma, Dina Fierro, Samantha Black teamWork: Maurice Q. Fraction model Behaviour: Monica Boselli/No Ties Model Management site Visit: The Queen Sofia Spanish Institute exhibit, Balenciaga: Spanish Master reel Time: The New Heroine (Morning Glory, Burlesque, and The Black Swan reviewed) main Event: SIKI IM + Leong Leong, How I’m Making It the Talk: Waffles Girls, Michael Carl, Laurie Heller/Keds big Picture: Leticia Valdez, Quist Tsang, Craig Fleming

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